VGA Grid provides remote monitoring in multiple locations

Appropriate safety measures help to reduce the risk of fault, incidents, and failures disrupting normal operations. Protecting assets, staff and profitability demands an integrated approach to industrial safety that helps improving business performance and peace of mind.

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A European energy group operates oil refining and petrochemical complex with many miles of pipeline and serves the region in the supply of a wide variety of oil products. It boasts hundreds of service stations and convenience stores. Since security has always been a major focus for the groups’ management, the team has been investing in technology to solve two principal issues. The first issue is how to protect its refineries, plants and pipelines from emergency situations. The second issue is how to protect its customers and employees in the retail locations. The existing surveillance system did not meet the latest security requirements and was subject to limitations. It was decided to establish a central monitoring facility which allows monitoring events at required locations.

Operators are able to create several output channels combining signals from multiple locations and replay, record, or time-stamp the video feed.

To incorporate advanced technologies for increasing protection, the group purchased Epiphan’s VGA Grid – streaming and recording video system that brings cutting-edge technology and convenience to the central monitoring facility. Now it has access to multiple locations throughout the region while the operators are enabled to obtain required information quickly in real time and have it displayed on a large screen simultaneously. VGA Grid’s capability to capture video in a life-like quality reveals a higher level of security. The images are displayed with an increased clarity. More accuracy and details in the monitored events are provided. Operators are able to create several output channels combining signals from multiple locations and replay, record, or time-stamp the video feed.

VGA Grid can be configured to apply time stamping on the recordings of sources, as well as the multiple picture with picture views. These time stamps and multi view recordings give a multi dimensional, time lapsed view of any incidents that need to be investigated. For example a view of two cameras and the output from an industrial guage presented and time stamped can give a frame by frame view of the incident under investigation

VGA Grid operates using Ethernet/IP and captures video signals from remote locations. This video appliance supports multiple video formats and can capture up to 256 input channels. The staff can react to situations quickly reducing incidents and managing abnormal situations. The high level of security is now being provided through the use of this appliance. Since VGA Grid is a highly customizable solution, it can be tailored to meet specific needs of any company.