Record and live stream presentations with VGADVI Broadcaster

The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) is a research institute focusing on the coastal ecosystems of Southern California from watersheds to the ocean. The agency’s goals include communicating findings to decision makers and stakeholders and suggesting strategies for protecting the coastal environment. “We hold many meetings and communicate our findings both internally and externally through presentations, seminars and training sessions,” explains Paul Smith of SCCWRP. “Not all of our stakeholders can be present at these meetings, so we wanted a simple and reliable way to broadcast and record our meetings.” Smith considered purchasing full-fledged recorder products from Sonic Foundry and software products such as WebEx and Adobe’s Connect Pro.

“We couldn’t find any other frame grabbers that would capture the level of detail we needed until we discovered Epiphan”

“We couldn’t find any other frame grabbers that would capture the level of detail we needed until we discovered Epiphan,” says Smith. Smith learned of Epiphan from a University of Washington paper on video screencasting and decided to try out Epiphan’s broadcasters and video grabbers. “We now use Epiphan’s VGADVI Broadcaster in combination with a Sony web cam and an Icecast streaming audio server to give our remote participants a real-time view of our meetings,” Smith explains. “We also use the Epiphan video grabbers to archive important events online,” referring to Epiphan’s portable USB capture devices including as DVI2USB 3.0 and HD.

Using Epiphan devices, SCCWRP found that they were able to deliver crisp online video to meeting participants remotely. “Many of our presentations feature maps and charts that have a high degree of color gradients, and VGADVI Broadcaster allows us to give scientists a good look at them,” says Smith. SCCWRP has also been impressed with the ease of use of Epiphan products. “For a live event, the meeting leader simply e-mails remote participants a URL, username, and password – we don’t need to involve IT staff,” Smith says. “VGADVI Broadcaster was also easy to incorporate into a web page for live streaming, and Epiphan’s video grabbers was easy to incorporate into our ePresence system, too.”