Stream video from iPads using Lecture Recorder x2

Do you need to record or stream the screen from your iPad or iPhone to show someone how an application works? Did you want to record your slideshows, podcasts, navigate the Web or do hundreds of other things once and just replay the video you to show someone else?

As you know, there is no mechanism embedded within the iPad/iPhone to capture high quality, high frame rate video. However you can use an Epiphan video grabber or video recording appliances to quickly and easily capture and record video from iPad at high resolution. The Epiphan solutions provide an effortless approach to video capture that is simple even for users who are not technology oriented.

Record and stream from iPAD, iPhone, iOS with Lecture Recorder x2

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If you want to live stream and/or record 30 FPS video captured from iPad with resolution up to 1920×1200, then choose the Lecture Recorder x2. This device can also simultaneously capture, stream and record from a second composite or S-Video source. This means that if you create podcasts, video tutorials, training sessions, or presentations where it is necessary to combine several video inputs including iPad, Lecture Recorder x2 will do the job.

The Lecture Recorder x2 records the input sources to internal video recording solid state storage and can be copied to network storage or local USB storage key. Your audience is able to view the live broadcast video stream using the provided URL in standard browsers and media players. You have a choice of broadcasting both video feeds in one stream or as independent streams.

Other Popular Approaches to iOS Display Recording and Streaming with Epiphan Products

The diagram below summarizes the more popular ways that Epiphan products are used to capture, record and stream iPad, iPhone displays

Various ways to capture, stream and record video from iPad using Epiphan Products