Record content from DVI or VGA with Windows Media Encoder

Epiphan provides the free Epiphan Capture tool for capturing and recording, but you are not limited to using just this tool. Epiphan’s video grabbers work with many third party video capture, recording and streaming software that are compatible with DirectShow, QuickTime and Video4Linux. When using these applications to record content captured by our video grabbers, the Epiphan video grabber appears as an external USB camera to the capture application.

This tutorial walks you through the process of recording DVI or VGA signal stream using Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. You can follow the instructions below, or watch this brief video.

Step 1: Connect Epiphan Frame Grabber device and start Windows Media Encoder.

  1. Select “Capture audio or video” and press “OK”.

Step 2: Configure the frame grabber for use with WM Encoder.

  1. From the “Video” drop-down list, select the DVI2USB 3.0, HD, SDI2USB 3.0, DVI2PCIe, or DVI2PCIe Duo frame grabber capture device. If the frame grabber does not appear in the list, check your connections, and make sure that the latest drivers are installed properly. Use the Epiphan Capture Tool to ensure the device is recognized
    Choose Epiphan Frame Grabber for Windows Media Encoder
  2. Select “Full screen video (CBR),” choose the desired bit rate, and press “Next”
  3. Select “Next” until prompted to chose to create an archive file.
  4. Select a file name for the recording. You may “Browse” for a location to save to. Press “Next”.
  5. Next you may configure display information for your video
    broadcast live configure video meta data for display
  6. In this screen, select “Begin capturing when I click Finish” checkmark and press “Finish”.

Step 3: Record the desired output.

You are now recording the DVI or VGA signal stream through Windows Media Encoder! Press “Stop Encoding” when you are finished recording. Your recording will be saved in the location that you specified at the beginning of step 2.

Hint: Quality of video not sufficient.

If your video quality from the WM Encoder is not sufficient, try stopping your recording and going into the “Properties” button found at the top of the window. From there, go into the “Processing” tab and select “YUY2” from the “Pixel format” drop-down list.

How To Video – How to Stream and Record using Windows Media Encoder with Epiphan Frame Grabber

The following video will show you how to configure Windows Media Encoder to capture, stream and record using a DVI2USB 3.0 Frame Grabber. The procedure also works for HD, SDI2USB 3.0, DVI2PCIe and DVI2PCIe Duo video grabber capture devices.