Record and provide remote monitoring for control room displays

Bombardier Transportation Inc.runs a completely automated monorail system at the San Francisco Airport. With no human drivers, the system is run from a single control room, in which various computer terminals display information about the monorail system’s status.

This information must be recorded for purposes such as training, remote monitoring, incident investigations, and more.

Bombardier is using Epiphan’s VGA Recorder Pro, a predecessor to VGADVI Recorder Pro to capture and archive the status updates as they appear on terminal monitors. The solution enables:

  • Original-quality images of what appears on control room terminal screens to be captured and saved to a hard drive large enough to save 45 days worth of records.
  • Automatic operation with no operator intervention required.
  • Ability to display the captured images on any computer.
  • Ability to send records over the Internet or an internal network.

Previously, Bombardier had attempted to achieve these results using a VGA-to-video converter in combination with a VCR recording onto standard VHS cassettes. However, the image quality was very poor to the point that many of the images contained text data that could not be deciphered from the recording. Other problems included the need to replace the VHS tape every few hours, difficulty of maintaining a VHS library, and needing a VCR to replay the recorded data.

Epiphan VGADVI Recorder Pro resolves all of these issues, and records the images at their original resolution quality of 2048×2048. This results in readable data that can be used effectively for training and incident investigations.