Simple to use, high quality solutions for worship and church production

Including capture cards, video encoders, live streaming and recording

Whether you’re a large church with an IT staff and a huge production budget or a small group worshiping in a home or rented space, your goal is the same: to share your worship, prayer and teachings with others.

Epiphan Video has solutions to simplify sharing your live stream. From capture cards that work with your existing streaming software to all-in-one hardware encoders that stream your live video program directly to YouTube, Facebook or any other CDN and even provide multi-channel encoding to work with CDNs like and Sunday Streams.

All-in-one streaming solutions

The simplest solution for worship – choose from a family of all-in-one systems that connect directly to your audio sources and HD or 4K video cameras.

Whether your church uses a single camera and slides or multiple video inputs and an audio mixing panel, Epiphan has you covered.

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Pearl and Pearl-2 are all-in-one video encoders that are perfect solutions for worship and church production. Stream to Facebook, stream to YouTube or any CDN directly without a computer. capture cards come in three varieties that provide solutions for worship productions, letting you add HD camera to your streaming software

Video capture solutions for churches using software streaming

Why settle for low quality web cameras and screen scraping software?

With a video grabber from the series, you can stream any HDMI camera, 4K camera, tablet, computer or almost any other video source. And the best thing is, it works with the streaming software you’re already using.

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