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How to live stream a presentation with presenter’s comments

July 13th, 2015

How to live stream a presentation with presenter’s comments

Video conferencing organizers can now live stream video conferences without costly and sophisticated solutions. Epiphan’s streaming hardware series offer a high-performance video conference live streaming solutions that allow the broadcasting of video conference events to remote audiences. These products are an effective means of delivering different audio-video conference streams through the network. This capability enables a meeting holder to transmit presentations to remote viewers.

VGADVI Broadcaster video conference solution to stream presentation during lecture, presentation or video conference

This example shows how easy it is to stream a computer display with slides and audio to a remote audience.


Step 1: Configure the VGADVI Broadcaster

The first step is to setup the VGADVI Broadcaster so that it is streaming a display sources to the internet. Use of a local monitor provides a confidence check of what is being captured.

  1. Connect the presenter laptop VGA, DVI or HDMI™ display output to the input port on the VGADVI Broadcaster (input ports are on the same side as the LEDs).
  2. Connect the VGADVI Broadcaster to the Ethernet network through its Ethernet RJ-45 port. VGADVI Broadcaster also uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) as a power source. (If your Ethernet jack doesn’t provide PoE, use the provided power adapter.)
  3. Connect a microphone to the VGADVI Broadcaster’s audio input port (on the same side of the device as the LEDs).
  4. If not already on, power on the laptop.
  5. As a confidence check or pass-through for local participants, connect a monitor, TV or projector to the VGADVI Broadcaster’s pass-through DVI port. Ensure the presenter’s laptop screen is viewed on the display.
  6. If you know the URL/IP address of the stream (i.e. from previous events), skip to step 3.

Step 2: VGADVI Broadcaster Settings

If you do not know the URL / IP address for your VGADVI Broadcaster, download the Network Discovery Utility from the VGADVI Broadcaster product or support page.

  1. Install the Network Discovery Utility application on a computer on the same network as your VGADVI Broadcaster
  2. Start the network discovery application.
  3. Click the Search button. Your VGADVI Broadcaster is found on the network.
  4. Click Web config to start the Web admin interface.
    VGADVI Broadcaster Settings
  5. Click the Info link to find the stream’s URL and provide it to the viewers.
    Channel preview
  6. If desired, set a viewer password: Click the Viewer access link to limit viewer’s access to the broadcast. Click Apply when the new password is set.
    VGADVI Broadcaster Settings
  7. If desired, adjust the audio settings using the Audio section of the Web access interface. Click Apply after making adjustments.
    VGADVI Broadcaster Settings

Step 3: View the Presentation Live Stream Broadcast

Once the participants know the stream address and the viewer broadcast’s viewer credentials, they are able to watch and listen to the presentation. They simply copy the stream URL into a browser or media player on their computer or mobile device. That’s it. The participants will view on their laptops the presentation slides and hear the narrator’s explanations and comments.

VGADVI Broadcaster video conference solution to stream presentation during lecture, presentation or video conference

Advanced Options

Publish to Content Distribution Networks

For additional scalability and reach outside typical corporate firewalls, the video stream can be published via a Content Distribution Network (CDN), or configured to use multi cast. Multicast is typically used inside a corporate network, whereas CDN is used for external publications.

Stream to iPad , iPhone and iOS using Apple Live Stream Protocols

To stream to iOS devices using Apple Live Streaming, you can publish to a CDN, or consider native streaming to iOS devices using PearlVGADVI Recorder Pro or Standalone VGA Grid.

Multiple Different Output Channel Views and Bit Rates

PearlVGADVI Recorder Pro or Standalone VGA Grid provide additional options for video layout, multi-source layouts, and the ability to stream to different output channels using different bit rates, codecs and stream types.