Lecture capture and streaming

Epiphan builds high-end lecture recorders for customized lecture capture systems that feature uncompressed, high quality video and audio. Pearl is a fee-free lecture recorder that combines streaming and recording functionality. It integrates easily into existing infrastructure and works together with any CMS/LMS including Opencast, Mediasite, Panopto and more.

Epiphan Pearl

Our customers find Epiphan Pearl and Epiphan Pearl-2 exceptionally reliable, easy to use and more flexible than its competitors. Learn how Harvard DCE used Pearl to create one of the most sophisticated lecture capture systems in the country.

See how Harvard DCE did it

Quick facts about Epiphan products

  • Reliable – 24/7 performance
  • No fees & cost efficient
  • Simple to setup
  • Works with your CMS or LMS
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure
  • Amazing video quality
  • World class support
  • Easy to use by faculty

Capturing AV on a smaller scale

Epiphan’s video grabbers and capture cards are ideal for compact lecture capture systems. Using an external USB video grabber, a professor can run office hours with live HD-quality video chat for remote students or to can painlessly record an HD video at home and upload it into the course page in the learning management system.

If a classroom has only two inputs, Epiphan’s Lecture Recorder x2 is a perfect fit, with one HD and one SD input and passthrough output for DVI to show a computer slideshow or other captured source in the classroom.  View product comparison or see how to choose the right lecture capture appliance.

Proven successful by more than 1600 educational institutions.