Create illustrative training videos with captured HDMI/DVI video

Training videos are terrific way for businesses to teach employees about company policies, procedures, new products etc. Training videos provide a visual reference that helps people learn more effectively and efficiently than by simply reading a manual or listening to someone’s explanations.

Making a training video is a process of planning and shooting just like you would do for a movie, only on a much smaller scale. VGADVI Recorder Pro makes it easier than ever to create and share training videos.

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Steps for video creation:

  1. Determine your target audience.
  2. Research how to deliver the message to your audience.
  3. Write an outline of the educational content you want to provide.
  4. Turn the outline into a story board.
  5. Prepare the presenter and slides or demonstration.
  6. Film the presenter (with audio) using one camera
  7. Film the demonstration or slides with another.
  8. Capture, combine, record and stream the result using VGADVI Recorder Pro.

This solution allows you to record video from two separate sources simultaneously. Viewers will watch an instructor talking about assembling equipment and his hands performing the operation in a separate screen. Or, they can see the physician’s hands and panoramic view of a patient. There are quite a lot of possible applications depending on your purposes. VGADVI Recorder Pro ensures that the quality of your videos is preserved with excellent clarity. It is capable of capturing incoming signals at resolution up to 2048×2048. You can connect DVI/VGA/HDMI™ and S-Video/composite sources to its DVI and composite ports using appropriate adapters. Therefore you can combine and share media recorded with any camera or camcorder.

The resulting HD videos and presentations are perfect for training, marketing, and selling. VGADVI Recorder Pro can live stream video and automatically copy recordings to a network storage location.

Making a connection between the instructor and learners is easy. VGADVI Recorder Pro helps you create engaging online learning experiences. Once the camera starts rolling, you are on your way to developing training videos.