Create high quality webinars with Lecture Recorder x2

Webinars are used for a variety of purposes including one-on-one and group mentoring, software training, educational workshops, sharing information about a new service or product, etc. Many online tools exist to make webinar hosting easy and accessible for everyone, even for people with limited technology expertise. Usually webinars rely on visuals and audio. Both need to be engaging to get your ideas across. Epiphan’s Lecture Recorder x2 is an advanced and user-friendly recording appliance that will help you to create high quality webinars.

Lecture Recorder diagram

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Slides with text, no matter how informative, do not convey your ideas as well as interesting visuals that illustrate the topic being discussed. Lecture Recorder x2 is capable of capturing two simultaneous streams from a digital (DVI, HDMI) and an analog (VGA, composite, S-Video) sources.

The input data (both video and audio) is encoded, synchronized and recorded in the selected file format. The recording appliance allows you to configure any desired layout, either Picture-in-Picture or Side-by Side, from the pre-defined layout templates, combining both streams from the connected input sources. You are able to include in your webinar introductory slides, videos introducing presenters, tools and websites you are going to discuss along with an overview of the webinar agenda.

For a more dynamic experience, deliver this information showing people, sites and tools in action rather than providing the image stills. You may want to share your desktop and add this video to your webinar displaying your interaction with programs and websites in real time. Let all main points flow easily making sense to the participants.

Lecture Recorder X2


Lecture Recorder x2 also lets you record your webinar, making it available for later viewing. Recording is done to an internal solid state and you can set it up to conveniently automatically transfer recordings to network storage through the Web Admin interface.

The task of making a webinar more attractive and informative is easy with Lecture Recorder x2.