Capture Air Traffic Control (ATC) Audio/Video with VGA Grid

Specialists working in the areas of Air traffic management (ATM) and air traffic control (ATC) need up-to-date and high-performance technology to function successfully. The complexity of ATM systems requires sophisticated technical solutions. However given the complexity of such system retro fitting or modifying these systems to record and stream video is not a simple prospect.

Epiphan has developed a solution that captures video sources and audio sources from various ATC/ATM equipment and allows customers to create various views for training and incident reporting purposes.



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Modern air traffic management systems incorporate the latest ATM technologies in communications, surveillance, and ATC automation – some of these systems are autonomous, some are integrated – VGA Grid brings their output together in a single, time-synchronized view.

These systems or processes may display the route information from flight plans, weather radar, traffic radar, and log the controllers’ actions. VGA Grid’s High performance data capture components are a part of ATC recording systems – without changing or modifying any software or control systems in the existing ATC infrastructure. Customers can now displays for record radar and telemetry data, video camera sources and audio surces. New techniques developed by Epiphan allow integrators to add the power of recording to these systems without any changes to software – simply connect to the video output from the devices you wish to record and stream.

VGA Grid can capture and record multiple video and display sources and audio sources into a single track video or a multi track video file. It combines multimedia data recording and real-time streaming capabilities. When it comes to aircraft accident investigation, it is critical to analyze all available data and assess the circumstances surrounding aircraft incidents with all video sources synchronized. Visualization of live or recorded air track data is performed by examining real-time data streaming from multiple sources. For example, VGA Grid is able to record and stream from various audio, video and display sources: voice recordings, controller statements, recorded radar data, weather data, etc. It is then possible to stream the multi view to multiple stations, or playback recorded air traffic scenarios, incidents and events for training and incident reporting.

Full-resolution images from the air traffic control displays captured by VGA Grid can be saved to an internal HDD or network storage. This data is then presented to a target audience – aircraft accident investigation teams, etc. With high quality image capturing capabilities, this solution is ready for the most demanding applications. It provides information that may be difficult or impossible to obtain by other means. When used in conjunction with other information gained in the investigation, such devices are playing an increasing role during the training to prevent incidents and in the handling of incidents.