“Behind the scenes” recording session, live streamed by the Prime Rib Big Band

Epiphan Webcaster X2™ gave this ten-piece big band the chance to connect with their fans through a professional quality live stream to Facebook.

Why go live?

Every band is looking for ways to connect with it’s audience. When Prime Rib Big Band decided to go to the studio and record a new track, the opportunity to live stream to Facebook was an easy decision. They wanted to give their fans a look behind the curtain to see how a song goes from paper, to rehearsal and finally, to a recording.

Quickest path to success

Being professional musicians, it was important for the band to get great looking, and great sounding, video without investing significant time or money. Sounds impossible right? Enter Webcaster X2. In only a few minutes, they were able to setup a high-quality camera with external mics. They could then control their live stream to Facebook with the touch of a button.

Webcaster X2 gave the band the freedom to focus on their music, instead of spending their time configuring their live stream equipment.

“It was very easy to set up … We were able to plug in a professional quality camera and be live streaming in a few minutes”

Michael Schultz, Trombonist, Prime Rib Big Band

Thanks to Michael Schultz and The Prime Rib Big Band for letting us speak about their recording session with Webcaster X2.

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