Epiphan Pearl integrates with Kaltura

Kaltura integration was released in January 2019 as a free firmware update for all Pearl systems. Pearl offers a versatile and no-fuss experience for multi-camera scheduled VOD events, ad hoc events, and webcasting using either RTMP or RTMPS protocols.

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Accordion and Notification Sample Page

Page to show the accordion and notification components.

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Using the directions that come with your PS4 Pro, connect the power supply and network cables. Instead of connecting the HDMI cable directly from the PS4 Pro to your TV, connect it to the input port on your HDMI splitter, then use a second cable to connect from one of the splitter’s output ports to the TV’s HDMI input port.

Connecting your PS4 Pro to a UHD TV through a 4K HDMI splitter

Power on the PS4 Pro and test before proceeding. (The following steps assume your system is powered on and logged in.)

Epiphan’s video grabbers respect digital copyrights and don’t capture HDCP-protected content. By default, your PS4 Pro comes with a setting enabled that forces HDCP for all HDMI output, regardless of what is playing.

You need to ensure this feature is turned off before capturing.

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