Epiphan Webcaster X1 for YouTube Live FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest solution for streaming HD cameras to YouTube.

How does Webcaster X1 for YouTube work?

Connect your HDMI source (a camera, for example) to the Webcaster X1 device, connect the Webcaster X1 to your network via Ethernet cable, then log in to your YouTube account and enter the device code displayed on the Webcaster X1’s LCD display to begin the stream—that’s it!

Advanced users can use an HDMI cable to output the video stream to an external display for additional confidence monitoring.

See Quick start for more information.

Can Webcaster X1 for YouTube stream to other social platforms?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube streams only to the YouTube platform.

How long can my streams last?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube can broadcast your stream for as long as you need. There are no duration restrictions for live streams with YouTube.

How do I end my stream?

You end your live stream by simply pressing the ‘off’ switch on the back of the Webcaster X1 device. If using an external display, you can also end your stream by clicking the ‘Stop’ button on the Webcaster X1 interface.

Can I save my streams as videos to my YouTube channel?

Yes—when a live stream is ended, YouTube automatically saves the video to your channel.

Can I stream to pre-created YouTube Live Events?

Yes—you can configure your stream for a YouTube Live Event using the Webcaster X1 interface on an external display. See How to live stream to a YouTube Live Event for more information.

Who can see my live stream?

You can use Webcaster X1 to configure the privacy of the video streamed to your YouTube channel. The stream’s privacy setting affects who is notified of your live stream as well as who can see it. You can also change the stream’s privacy setting from the YouTube Live Dashboard once your stream is live.

For more information, see Set Stream Privacy.

Is Webcaster X1 for YouTube secure? I don’t want my YouTube account getting hacked!

Webcaster X1 for YouTube is a fully secure social media streaming solution. To pair the device with your account you need a unique randomly-generated code. Additionally, the device can only stream to your YouTube account after you have manually logged-in with your secure account credentials.

Do I need anything other than Webcaster X1 to start streaming?

The Webcaster X1 for YouTube device is all you need to start live streaming. However, you could connect a keyboard and mouse and output to an external display if desired. Using an external display with keyboard and mouse lets you monitor your stream, view comments, engage with viewers and configure stream settings.

I notice the Webcaster for YouTube model has Wi-Fi antennas—can the device connect to my network through a wired connection too?

Yes, you can connect your Webcaster X1 for YouTube device to your network wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable.

Why does Webcaster X1 for YouTube have three USB ports?

One USB port is for a mouse, another one for a keyboard, and the third port is for future peripheral support. Using a keyboard and mouse allows you to navigate the Webcaster X1 interface when connected to an external display.

How many different streams can Webcaster X1 for YouTube output?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube can output one stream at a time.

How do I configure advanced settings for my stream?

You can configure the stream title and privacy level using the Webcaster X1 external display interface. Additional configuration is completed within the YouTube Live Dashboard in a separate web browser.

For YouTube Live Events, everything is configured using the YouTube Live Dashboard.

See Webcaster X1 for YouTube Tips for more information on configuring your device.

Is Webcaster X1 linked permanently with my YouTube account? Can it stream to other accounts I own too?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube isn’t tied to any single YouTube account. You can use the secure device code to pair the Webcaster X1 device after logging in to any other YouTube account you might have.

Can I use Webcaster X1 for YouTube to stream to friend/family/client YouTube accounts on their behalf?

Yes—however for maximum account security, the third party (friend, family member, client etc) needs to log-in to their YouTube account first. Once logged-in, the third party must enter the device code to pair the Webcaster X1 device to their account and begin the streaming process.

What kinds of inputs does Webcaster X1 for YouTube support?

You can connect one HDMI source to Webcaster X1 for YouTube. This is usually an HD video camera, but could also include a mixer or other device with HDMI output.

How does audio work with Webcaster X1 for YouTube?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube supports audio over its HDMI input port. For example, you can connect any wired or wireless mic to your camera to get professional HDMI audio alongside your video.

What input resolutions can Webcaster X1 for YouTube accept?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube accepts frame sizes up to 1920×1080 (including 320×240, 640×480, 720p).

What output resolutions can Webcaster X1 for YouTube do? What about bit rate and frame rate?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube supports output in frame sizes up to 720p (1280×720) at 30 fps and at bit rates up to 4 Mb/s.

Will Webcaster X1 for YouTube have firmware updates?

Webcaster X1 for YouTube will have occasional firmware updates. Customers who have registered their device will be notified via e-mail of any new firmware upgrades. The product registration page can be found here.