Webcaster X2 - Works with Facebook and YouTube

Introducing Webcaster X2, the follow-on to Webcaster X1!

Webcaster X1 for Facebook is discontinued but you can still have the same great features with our all-new Webcaster X2™, plus you have the flexibility to stream to either Facebook Live or YouTube from one device! Learn more

Webcaster X1

Stream your camera in HD to Facebook Live

Video Encoder for Facebook Live

Use Epiphan Webcaster X1™ to stream your HD camera to your Facebook Timeline, Event, Group or Page. Works with any camera, mixer or device with HDMI™ output.

Webcaster X1 to Facebook

Create a better live video streaming experience for your audience

Get higher quality video streams by using a dedicated video camera or SLR for your Facebook Live videos.

Simple setup to start streaming from Webcaster X1 to your Facebook account

On startup, Webcaster X1 automatically displays a unique device code on its LCD display. To pair and authenticate Webcaster X1 to your Facebook account, visit www.facebook.com/device on your desktop or smartphone and enter this code. The Facebook for Devices service quickly authorizes your Webcaster X1 to authenticate, login and stream to your Facebook account.

Device code

Professional audio

Connect any wired or wireless mic to your camera and get professional HDMI audio quality using your Webcaster X1’s HDMI IN port. Webcaster X1 encodes your high quality audio along with your video and streams it to your Facebook Live audience.

HDMI out for monitoring

Connect a display to the HDMI OUT port for monitoring your live video, and to see comments and reactions from your viewers.

Webcaster X1 HDMI OUT

Flexibility to create videos the way you want

Change the Facebook Live destination page and other streaming parameters

Add a mouse and external monitor to reconfigure default settings and to select your choice of continuous streaming or single event streaming and to choose to stream to a Facebook Event, Group or to your Timeline. You can also adjust other streaming parameters such as video and audio bitrate.

Mouse, monitor, display

Connect with your community on Facebook Live

Wired Ethernet for reliable video streaming

Webcaster X1’s wired Ethernet connection allows network administrators to isolate your traffic from other users, providing dedicated bandwidth, security and quality of service for your stream.

Ethernet connection

*Use of the Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live is subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement


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