VGA Splitter FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does any software need to be installed in order to use the VGA Splitter?

No. Simply connect the VGA Splitter to the input/outputs and power it on. No software needs to be installed.

How does the Epiphan Systems' VGA Splitter differ from other active 2-port splitters?

Epiphan’s active 2-port VGA splitter is designed for rugged and highly demanding environments where signal quality and reliability are critical to the application. Unlike conventional active splitters with outputs that stop functioning if there is a power outage, Epiphan’s VGA splitter has one fault tolerant VGA output, meaning that the splitter will automatically function in passthrough mode in case of a power outage. Furthermore, Epiphan’s VGA Splitter has 1GhZ bandwidth support, meaning that it functions with virtually all VGA resolutions and refresh rates, something that is not true of other VGA splitters. Finally, Epiphan’s VGA Splitter features an integrated ground loop isolation circuit, helping reduce noise that commonly occurs in VGA-based equipment.

Is a power adapter for my country included in the package?

Yes. The VGA Splitter comes with a universal power adapter that works with both 110 and 220V outlets, and interchangeable power plugs that work with any standard power outlet in the world.

Can I use the VGA Splitter for ground loop isolation only?

Yes. The bottom output port of the VGA Splitter is ground loop isolated when the device has power, provided both VGA output ports are in use. When there is no VGA terminal plugged into the fault tolerant output port, ensure it is terminated with a VGA terminator to complete the circuits. 

What happens if power is cut to the VGA Splitter?

If power is cut to the VGA Splitter, the second VGA output port and ground loop isolation circuitry are instantly disabled. However, one of the VGA output ports will still function even without power. This special feature sets VGA Splitter GLI apart from other VGA splitters.

Will my equipment work with the VGA Splitter?

If you are using a standard HD-15 analog VGA output stream, and your resolution is equal or lower than 2048×2048 @ 85Hz, your equipment is fully compatible with the VGA Splitter. A 1GhZ bandwidth rate ensures that the VGA Splitter can operate at the highest possible resolutions and refresh rates.

Is VGA Splitter compatible with other Epiphan products?

Yes, all of Epiphan Systems’ capture, recording, and broadcasting solutions are fully compatible with the VGA Splitter.