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User guides, brochures and software for the Epiphan AV.io 4K™ video grabber.


These downloads give you access to the latest developments for your device. You can load this firmware onto your device using the AV.io Config tool. You can learn the full process for updating Firmware in our user guide.

AV.io 4K

AV.io 4K firmware (including support for I420 and YV12 colorspaces, additional default output resolutions)
Operating system: All

Download version 3.2.0

v3.2 Firmware released January 2, 2017! Added support for 4K capture from PS4 Pro and Xbox One S consoles.

AV.io 4K Beta Firmware!

Beta firmware for AV.io 4K
Operating system: All

Download version 3.3.0 Beta

v3.3 BETA version released May 15, 2017! Improved sleep and power management support.


Configuration tool

For most uses of AV.io 4K, the configuration tool is not required. However, it is necessary for installing new firmware, and for advanced usages such as creating custom resolutions.


AV.io Configuration Tool. When installing on Windows 10, you may need to right-click the file and choose Run as administrator.
Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8/8.1 64-bit

Download version 3.1.0

Mac OS X

AV.io configuration tool
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.11

Download version 3.1.0


Coming soon!
Operating system: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit and similar


AV.io 4K Brochure


AV.io 4K User Guide

USB capture card family brochure

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