Epiphan Systems Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame

April 11, 2013

Ottawa, Canada. April 11, 2013 — Mediphan, a division of Epiphan Systems Inc, an innovator in professional audio-video capture and streaming technologies, has been inducted into the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame. The Space Technology Hall of Fame recognizes technologies that improve life on Earth but were originally developed for or dramatically improved by space applications. The induction was held on April 11, 2013 during the 29 th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mediphan MedRecorder a portable recording device for medical capture  Distance Doc - a portable device for streaming medical image capture

Mediphan was created by Epiphan Systems as a special unit to develop audio video capture, streaming, recording, and replay products and technologies for telemedicine and remote guidance applications. Mediphan’s products, DistanceDoc and MedRecorder, allow doctors to remotely view and record remote medical displays for diagnosis and medical training purposes. Initially, Mediphan screen capture, streaming, and recording technology was developed and used to remotely train astronauts on the use of ultrasound equipment. Today, that same Mediphan-Epiphan technology is used in multiple medical equipment OEMs in many end markets such as ultrasound, defibrillation, eye care, pacemakers, gynecology, and pathology. Furthermore, the technology is being used across several product lines of Epiphan Systems’ VGA/DVI/HDMI video display frame grabbers, multimedia display broadcast streaming systems, recording systems, and accessories.

Epiphan and Mediphan screen capture technologies are used in these products available to the general public:

  • DVI2USB 3.0, which adds telemedicine capability to existing medical equipment by allowing users to share medical images and live video over communication software such as Skype or WebEx.
  • Lecture Recorder x2, which can capture any HD medical display and SD Camera to record and stream them directly over the internet.
  • VGADVI Recorder Pro, which brings 2 SD and 2 HD channels enabling the viewing, recording, and streaming of multiple medical displays and cameras.
  • Standalone and Networked VGA GRID, which captures and combines multiple SD, HD and higher resolution channels at very high frame rates into a complete control panel view of cameras and medical equipment displays.

Epiphan Video produces world-class, award-winning audio visual solutions to capture, scale, mix, encode, stream, record and play high resolution video including 4K UHD. Our customers include companies that specialize in live event production, education, healthcare, worship, manufacturing, usability, collaboration, security and transportation.

Epiphan’s field-proven product line includes live video production and video streaming systems, external USB-based video grabbers for capturing video and graphics from DVI, HDMI™, SDI and VGA sources and internal video capture cards. Our products are designed in North America and backed by rock-solid technical support.

Epiphan Video is a trade name of Epiphan Systems Inc., a privately owned company incorporated in 2003. Epiphan is based in Palo Alto, California, USA and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with regional offices and a network of authorized channel partners and OEMs throughout the world. For more information, please visit www.epiphan.com.