Epiphan to demonstrate DistanceDoc and MedRecorder at NASA Technology Day at US Congress Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

March 15, 2011

Showcases Collaboration between NASA, Henry Ford Health Services and Epiphan

Leroy Chiao doing an ultrasound from the International Space Station (ISS), in experiments conducted with NASAMarch 15, 2011, Washington D.C. USA – Epiphan Systems Inc., an innovator in video signal source processing products has been invited to demonstrate its DistanceDoc™ and MedRecorder™ products at NASA’s Technology Day at the US Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Epiphan will showcase its product innovations that were developed and commercialized as part of collaboration between Dr. Scott Dulchavsky, a principle investigator for NASA on point of care ultrasound and Surgeon in Chief at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, and Epiphan’s medical product division – Mediphan.

Dr. Scott Dulchavsky, and Epiphan will be showcasing advanced collaborative ultra sound applications using Mediphan’s DistanceDoc and MedRecorder products. These Mediphan solutions were initially developed to allow programs which Dr. Dulchavsky developed to train astronauts to remotely operate ultra sound equipment on the international space station, to be transitioned to improve medical care on the Earth. This remote ultrasound solution has now been widely used with doctors, clinics, and teaching hospitals to speed ultrasound training. His team now provides medical support for high performance athletes including the US Olympic Committee, professional football, baseball, and hockey.

“The NASA team exposed our products to many applications and related industries we did not anticipate.”

“Our research team was able to guide non-physician astronauts to perform over 100 hours of complex diagnostic ultrasound procedures on the ISS. The Mediphan products allowed us to efficiently move this space age care back to Earth without worries of IT support with a reasonably priced, portable device” Dulchavsky said. In addition to ultra-sound applications, the versatile Mediphan products can be used to enable collaborative medicine with any medical device that has a standard video display such as laparoscopic or endoscopic devices, or displays on medical sensing equipment such as ventilators. The Epiphan products have also found applications in education and training, hearing and visual impairment assistance, air traffic control, rail traffic control, surface transport, industrial process and security monitoring, tele-presence and video conferencing. “We are honoured to have been invited by NASA to demonstrate how COTS products can be developed for both space and commercial applications on Earth”, said Mike Sandler, CEO Epiphan Systems.

“The NASA team exposed our products to many applications and related industries we did not anticipate.”

About NASA Technology Day

NASA Technology Day will be attended by members of congress, NASA officials, and members of the press in order to show how NASA research and innovations have left the agency and are now benefitting the public.


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