Bayer HealthCare LLC Uses VGA2USB for Training Solution

July 23, 2006

“We needed a tool that could reliably capture screen activity without interfering with the instrument operations and that also could operate on a wide variety of instruments, VGA2USB fit these requirements nicely.”

The North American diagnostic division of Bayer HealthCare LLC is a frequent user of e-learning systems for internal and external training of sales and service staff.Today, Epiphan’s VGA2USB frame grabber solution plays an instrumental role in Bayer HealthCare’s product-specific training offerings. In creating training materials and documentation, Grant Cook, Manager of Process Re-Engineering, often includes images from Bayer HealthCare’s medical diagnostic instruments. “We have a broad product line consisting of a variety of medical diagnostics instruments,” Cook explains. “Many of the instruments, especially the platforms with higher test volumes, use a dedicated workstation that relays information and receives operating instruments from the operators. Understanding how to operate the equipment through this interface is a major part of operator training.” To facilitate this training, Bayer HealthCare wanted to obtain screen captures from a variety of product interfaces. Its products, however, are “purpose-built” and do not allow the full range of administrative and input/output functions available on a traditional PC. “We needed a tool that could reliably capture screen activity without interfering with the instrument operations and that also could operate on a wide variety of instruments,” says Cook. “VGA2USB fit these requirements nicely.”

Simple, crystal clear screen captures

Today, Bayer HealthCare enjoys the simplicity and portability of the Epiphan Solution as well as its high-quality output. “The VGA2USB feature set was most appropriate for us as we only need to capture still images,” says Cook. “Other vendors offered more elaborate full-motion capture cards, but they are not simple to install, not practical to move between a variety of units and were more costly than what we really needed.”

Cook is also bullish about the future uses of VGA2USB at Bayer HealthCare. “Epiphan’s solution gives us a very useful tool for course development across a good part of our product line,” he notes.“It will greatly help us build the content objects necessary for development of rich online training and its versatility will allow us to use it on at least four other product lines.”

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