Reliable video hardware for a worry-free live production experience


Discover the benefits of dependable live video solutions:


  • enhance your company’s reputation

  • instill customer confidence in your service

  • create satisfied customers

  • eliminate errors (allowing you to allocate resources elsewhere)

  • ensure footage is secure

Pearl Plays - No fail live streaming

Pearl Plays – Discover no-fail setups!

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Flaky live stream

Never live stream video with flaky equipment again!

We trust Pearl-2 to deliver a reliable viewing experience for our own live video audience.

“If you want a portable, basically bullet-proof setup, Pearl-2 is what you want.”

See why Level1Techs considers Pearl-2 an essential solution for worry-free live productions.

Stream Monkey

Establish your company as a leader in rock-solid live productions with Pearl-2. See how Stream Monkey did it.

Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin

Experience the power of a fully redundant system

Built with two Pearl-2 units within a rackmount format, Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin is everything you need to ensure a flawless live production experience.

Book a live demo to see how Pearl-2 can work for you.