Epiphan Technology Partners

We are committed to our network of authorized technology partners.
These partners provide hardware and software solutions that complement Epiphan’s product portfolio.

Genetic logo

Use VGADVI Broadcaster as a video source for Genetec’s IP video surveillance system, Omnicast and Unified Platform, Security Center.


Live production, mixing and streaming. Integrated support for capture from DVI2USB 3.0, SDI2USB 3.0, DVI2PCIe and DVI2PCIe Duo.


Telestream’s all-in-one live production streaming production software, Wirecast, supports VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI video grabbers including DVI2USB 3.0 and DVI2PCIe.

Wowza logo

Epiphan streaming and recording systems are compatible with Wowza Streaming Engine™, powering reliable streaming for high-quality video and audio.


Certain Epiphan video grabbers and streaming & recording products have been tested to work with Panopto’s solutions including their content management system.

Jupiter logo

Use Epiphan’s streaming and recording solutions to encode video displays for Jupiter Systems  video wall controller.

triple play logo

Epiphan streaming and recording systems integrate with Triple Play for live video and digital signs.

Other Epiphan Partner Types