Partner Types

Partners giving a HandshakeEpiphan’s partner types include value added resellers, distributors and system integrators. Epiphan values their local presence and market expertise to provide expertise and services to Epiphan customers around the world.

We support our partners and build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual commitment to deliver the best customer experience, regardless of the partner type. When you become an Epiphan partner you will work with a team of experts to further expand your presence in the audio visual communications market.  Epiphan offers sales resources to help you to sell our products and to expand your product offerings to your customers.

Epiphan works with the following partner types:

  • Reseller / Distributor:
    Epiphan’s Reseller / Distributor partners re-sell and distribute Epiphan products to their customers.

  • Systems Integrators:
    Epiphan’s Systems Integrators (SIs) build systems and solutions for their customers by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors, including Epiphan.

Complementary products and services

  • Technology Partners:
    These technology partners provide hardware and software solutions that complement Epiphan’s product portfolio.

  • OEM:
    Epiphan’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) enhance their solutions by incorporating Epiphan’s technology and devices into their product portfolio.

  • Direct Market Resellers:
    Epiphan’s Direct Market Resellers (DMR), also known as ‘e-tailer’ (electronic retailer) sell Epiphan products directly to online consumers.