Epiphan’s Partner Program for OEMs

Epiphan’s partner program provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) with the ability to enhance their solutions and expand their offerings to their customers. Epiphan’s OEM partners have successfully deployed thousands of products worldwide.

The following examples represent some of the OEM options available to Epiphan’s customers.

1. Card Level

The “Card Level” option is typically used for integration into an advanced system of image capture for broadcast or recording purposes. Epiphan provides card level devices with or without software and the devices can be programmed with a unique identifier to protect the OEM system from reverse engineering and duplication.

Card level

2. Private Label

The “Private Label” option is ideal for bundling with other customer equipment as Epiphan can take an existing product and replace the enclosure with a custom designed label. Units can be programmed with a unique identifier for proprietary software use or left as is for use with Epiphan software.

Private label video capture

3. Bulk-packed Existing Product

The “Bulk-packed Existing Product” option is often used with OEMs who want to reduce their shipping costs and provide local language packaging and documentation. Epiphan can provide current products on a bulk-packed basis with the required cables and power supply.

Bulk packaging

4. Custom-designed Product

The “Custom-designed Product” option is for those OEMs who want to modify a current Epiphan product or design a new Epiphan product to meet specific applications required by the OEM’s end customer. Epiphan’s experienced Engineering team works with the OEM to help with this custom design.

Custom OEM product

5. Other OEM possibilities

Epiphan’s team of Engineers can work with you to define any other type of OEM product to meet your needs.

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