Crestron Electronics counts on Pearl-2 to reach a global audience

See how Crestron Electronics is using Pearl-2 to reach a global audience and deliver industry-leading integrated control solutions.

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MSAVi-PRO live streams with Pearl-2

Infallible live event streaming for Imagine Dragons

MSAVi PRO, an event live streaming company, uses Pearl-2 all-in-one production studio for reliable live streaming and recording for the nation's largest broadcast networks. Learn how MSAVi PRO uses multi-level redundancy to virtually eliminate the risk of failure.

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e-sports and game streaming

Live streaming video gaming and eSports

Discover how Informatique and Video Schaay B.V. used Pearl to stream a live event with PC Games / eSports to Twitch and YouTube.

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Mangosteen Fashion Show

Mangosteen Fashion Show

Pearl-2 helps the Mangosteen Fashion Show to expand their audience and attract new investors and designers.

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Epiphan Pearl video encoders and Markey's Rental & Staging success story

Markey’s Rental & Staging relies on Pearl for live event production

Learn how Markey's Rental & Staging, a full-service AV support provider, uses Pearl hardware encoders to efficiently record video from multiple rooms at large events.

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Prime rib band

“Behind the scenes” recording session, live streamed by the Prime Rib Big Band

See how Webcaster X2 gave this ten-piece big band the chance to connect with their fans with a professional quality live stream to Facebook.

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Audio recording for live events

Clean audio recording is a key aspect of your live video production. Learn the basics of audio and get the best possible quality audio recording.

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Live video production at Spoke club

Creating a cutting-edge live production with effortless operation

How Asterisk Media used Epiphan Pearl-2 to maximize viewer engagement and deliver a next-level live production with ease.

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Edgy Veg turns up the heat on their book launch with a live video stream

Edgy Veg turns up the heat on their book launch with a live video stream

Edgy Veg successfully live stream’s their book launch with the help of Webcaster X2.

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Freeman AV choses Pearl

Freeman AV raises the bar for live event production

How the world’s leading live event production company helped Epiphan take their video capture hardware product to the next level.

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Pearl-2 makes live streaming accessible to the Palo Alto Art Center

How Pearl-2 made live streaming accessible to the Palo Alto Art Center

Hassle-free live streaming solution for a city-run organization.

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Startup Battle live stream

How Startup.Network brought more investors to their Startup Battle entrepreneurs with Pearl-2

Successfully live streaming an international event from San Francisco's Hackt Temple.

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Live stream to Facebook Live

How to go live on Facebook

Easy step-by-step instructions for live streaming from Pearl to Facebook Live. Produce your event live and stream it live to your Facebook followers!

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Mobile Webcaster X2 setup

How to go mobile with Webcaster X2

Learn how to live stream on the go with Webcaster X2 and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Go live on Facebook or YouTube from a remote location.

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FIFAmaster live streaming production

Streaming the FIFA Master conference to an international audience using Epiphan Pearl

Discover how the University of Neuchâtel used Pearl to stream the FIFA Master conference live to an international audience.

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Capture HDMI

Capture real time video from HDMI sources

Epiphan's family of durable, portable, simple to use video grabbers let you capture real time video no matter the source.

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Create a live video stream on YouTube using Wirecast

Learn how to create a live video stream from nearly any video source (not just your camera) using Wirecast for YouTube and an Epiphan video capture device.

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Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin

Easy ISO recording with Pearl Rackmount Twin

Produce and stream a compelling live video stream while simultaneously getting high quality ISO recordings for post processing.

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Panasonic GH4 Lumix camera with Epiphan 4K.

How to get 4K output from your Panasonic GH4 camera

Configure your GH4 camera for 4K UHD and 4K DCI video recording and video output. Then capture in 4K using Epiphan's 4K or Pearl-2.

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Live stream multiple sources

How to live stream multiple sources simultaneously

Record and stream multiple sources from HDMI, SDI, DVI, USB, VGA, or capture card outputs using the Pearl-2 system from Epiphan!

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Live stream to YouTube

How to live stream to a YouTube Live event

Follow these simple steps to live stream with YouTube Live Events using Epiphan's recording and streaming products to create an RTMP-encoded video stream.

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Stream using OBS and HD

How to live stream using OBS and HD

Learn how to use Epiphan's HD video grabber to live stream using OBS.

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Use HD to stream with OBS to Facebook

How to use OBS Studio to live stream a multi-source production to Facebook Live

Learn how to use OBS Studio and Epiphan video grabbers to live stream a dynamic multi-source production to your Facebook Live audience.

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Live event video streaming with Epiphan Pearl

See how Pearl helped Source of Knowledge increase their success rate for live event capture, streaming and recording while reducing complexity and risk.

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Stream video to Wowza Streaming Engine from any source

Epiphan's recording and streaming products let you stream video to Wowza from any DVI, HDMI, SDI, S-Video or composite source.

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DVI2USB 3.0 video capture for live events

Add audio to video captured with Epiphan video grabbers

Use your computer's microphone in jack to add audio to video streams created with Epiphan's DVI2USB 3.0, SDI2USB 3.0, or VGA2USB video grabbers.

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How Angel Ortez maximized efficiency and usability in his custom live production setup

Discover how the Angel Ortez used SDI to help achieve a professional live production solution that emphasizes portability and ease of use.

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How to live stream VGA, DVI or HDMI video sources using Wirecast from Telestream

Use Epiphan video grabbers to live stream VGA, DVI or HDMI video sources using Wirecast Telestream.

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Limelight Networks and Pearl

How to live stream with Pearl and Limelight

Follow these simple steps to live stream with the Limelight CDN using Epiphan's recording and streaming products to create an RTMP-encoded video stream.

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Worship streaming success story with Bridgeway Church

Simple, easy-to-use Facebook Live streaming for worship

Discover how Bridgeway Church uses Webcaster X1 to stream their Sunday worship services to Facebook Live.

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