Epiphan capture card assists in joint replacement surgeries

JointPoint, a medical digital guidance system, choses Epiphan's to capture images during joint replacement surgeries. Learn how our capture card helps surgeons be more precise and efficient.

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Capture HDMI

Capture real time video from HDMI sources

Epiphan's family of durable, portable, simple to use video grabbers let you capture real time video no matter the source.

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Ultrasound capture

High resolution ultrasound video capture using Epiphan video grabbers

Learn how a gynecologist, uses Epiphan's video grabbers to perform high-resolution ultrasound video capture for storage and review on his computer.

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Live stream multiple sources

How to live stream multiple sources simultaneously

Record and stream multiple sources from HDMI, SDI, DVI, USB, VGA, or capture card outputs using the Pearl-2 system from Epiphan!

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capture forensic images

Capture forensic images from a magnifying device using HD

Use Epiphan HD or VGA2USB to capture forensic images from magnifying device.

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Panopto medical imaging capture

How to capture, record and share medical images with Panopto Focus

Capture and share medical images with compact USB-based Epiphan frame grabbers and Panopto Focus software.

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dvi2usb 3.0 and vlc

How to record video using VLC and DVI2USB 3.0

Capture and record video for live streaming using VLC and Epiphan's DVI2USB 3.0 video grabber on Linux.

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Projector streaming

How to stream DVI, HDMI or VGA over the network

Learn how to stream video - DVI, HDMI or VGA over the network using Epiphan's streaming and recording hardware.

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live stream MRI

Medical video streaming and recording from the operating room

Epiphan's video grabbers allow you to capture and stream from just about any piece of video equipment in the operating room.

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healthcare imaging streams

Medical video collaboration via call center for remote guidance

Learn how a leading medical OEM created a medical video collaboration/telemedicine call center to enable remote guidance using Epiphan's products.

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