Webcaster X2 - YouTube Live NO DATA



So YouTube has made changes where providing one’s webcaster x2 device code is insufficient now.
-How is one add a stream key and stream url that must now be entered, but where?
-And then, I understand there is a way I can use the same stream key for the season but I don’t know how and I have 70 subscribers, (less than 100 for url).
-And last, I am going to film two different lacrosse teams, on two seperate Google/YouTube accounts but I will use the same encoder to film and stream live both teams on different days. HELP!! thanks,



Hi Tony,

I just tested a Webcaster X2 here now, and nothing appears to have changed at all. It works with a pairing code just as it did previously.

For your other questions, the Webcaster X2 uses the YouTube API so there is no way to enter a stream key or stream url.


Thank you! What the heck might I be doing wrong? It keeps offering the stream key and no signal shows up on YouTube but on my screen for my Webcaster I see video just not on YouTube like I used to. May I enter the Webcaster pairing code with two different YouTube sites? (Completely separate accounts)


If I use YouTube’s original tool for streaming it works but it does not appear to work with the new live control room which is going to replace the current live stream tool. I have to know how to make it work with the new live stream tool which expects me to enter a code in the software not pairing. Thoughts?



Right, the new live control room doesn’t work with devices using the YouTube API (at least not at this time). You do need to use the Creator Studio Classic for the Webcaster X2. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can alter on our side, it is up to YouTube to add in this functionality. Hopefully this is something they do soon!