Webcaster X2 Update Information


Is there somewhere on the Epiphan site or discussion boards where Webcaster X2 updates are announced and explained? Important things like “Open Captive Page” have appeared with out notice or explanation. Just today I updated and now have “Responsive Bit Rate (BETA)” in my Preferences, and 8Mbps is available in “Video Bit Rate”.
Do we have to search for updated features, then guess what they are or do?
A source for update information would be very beneficial. A history would be nice. And an explanation of new features and BETA’s would be good, too. There wouldn’t have to be a ton of detail if it was typical “performance improvements” and “bug fixes”.
Thanks for listening!


I have the same question. I too just saw the “captive page” option. If this works, it will be awesome. I did do a search of the forum, and the last news about X2 firmware was from October 17?


Open Captive Page does work and it is awesome! But looking back to last fall, I think I learned about it while watching an Epiphan video. Again, all updates should be logged in one place, IMHO.