Webcaster X2 Hardware failure? Dropping input and connection



We have a fairly new Webcaster X2, bought about 3 months ago. I just tried to use it for the first time in several weeks, and noticed that (1) it repeatedly loses the HDMI input from the camera, even though the camera is obviously sending video, (2) goes offline, and (3) when online, frequently puts up an “Insufficient bandwidth” message despite 1 Gbps internal Ethernet connections and a symmetrical 1 Gbps external connection that is never saturated in the up direction. We are sending to a YouTube channel.

The device gets quite hot during use. Is there a chance that the hardware is defective? Is there a a way to run diagnostics on the hardware?


Hello Steve,

Sounds like some troubleshooting may be needed! The first thing I would recommend testing is the network connectivity, you mention this is ethernet, so as long as this isn’t a loose or bad cable there shouldn’t be a loss of connectivity. If you are seeing an unstable connection both connectivity and bandwidth wise but have ruled out it being the ethernet cable/connection then I would recommend RMA’ing the unit as this could be a hardware issue of some kind.


Didn’t get back to you earlier - but it turns out we were having a lot of network connectivity issues at the same time I was seeing the problems with video streaming, and I think that was the source of the problems I was seeing, not the converter. Thank you for your help!