Webcaster X2 - Accessories


So I decided to make my own mount for the webcaster x2! It is my first prototype, it needs some minor tweaking but overall I think it works like a charm! im going to see if making a few adjustments with a file or sanding it down a little in some key areas will make it final, or it may need a couple of extra mm here or there. I think this is definitely a good option if you are looking for a more pro way of mounting it to a cage or even on a stationary camera on a tripod.

Wanted to add more pics, but as a new user it only lets me upload one per post.




That’s looking really nice! I would recommend uploading it to thingiverse once you’re happy with it!


it needs some minor adjustments, after a few days the cable ties have molded the top part to fit perfectly now. but i think the issue lies in the curvature of the corners. is there any chance you could send a flat surface image of an x2? I actually created this thing using photoshop, and with a picture so I wasnt expecting perfection right off the bat LOL. Obviously if the picture is not perfect by any amount of minimal degree it throws off the corners.

If I can get the corners right I can call this done.


Unfortunately I don’t have any assets here to provide, but I did use the office scanner here to scan the Webcaster X2 along with a ruler for scale.


thanks! hopefully I can finish this up now and see what I can do next.


Happy to help! Hope the next version is perfect!


Possible problem with Revesun switcher

Yesterday I used the Revesun switcher recommended by Epiphan for a presentation by a speaker using a Powerpoint slideshow. I’d tested this set-up previously for a shorter time with no problems.
My hdmi inputs into the Revesun were a Canon Vixia hf r800 and a laptop that was hooked up to splitter which sent the Powerpoint out to a projector and also to one of the the Revesun input ports. Everything worked fine until about 20 minutes in when I got the error message (if I remember correctly) “Your live stream was stopped remotely.”

The live stream then stopped even though the X2 LED kept blinking. I tried several times to restart the stream, and, again, although the LED would start blinking, nothing was being streamed out.

Anyone have a similar experience with a Revesun switcher? Thanks in advance for any advice.