Viewing a scheduled live stream



Hi, y’all,
I’ve noticed there seems to be as many ways to schedule a live even on Facebook as there are people you ask. So here is how I’ve been doing it. My question is at the bottom. Actually, two questions.

Scroll down to “Create,” click “Live.”

Select “Use Stream Key.”

Select “Use a Persistent Stream Key.”

On the left, under “Live Producer:”

Select “Schedule Live Video Even.”

Add “Event name.”

Enter “Start Date” and “Start Time.”

Enter “Description.”

Enter “Category.”

Click “Next.” [Cover is already uploaded.]

Click “Create Event.”

Do I select “Post on timeline,” “Post to Page you manage,” or “Post in group?”

At the appointed time, I use “One Touch” on Pearl Mini to start the stream. Per the Mini lights, streaming has started and is running fine. There is some lag between when I push start and the stream actually starts.

My question is, where does my stream show up so that I can monitor it and respond to comments? I seem to have a hard time finding it.

Thank you.

Art Lang


Hello Art,

When creating an event on Facebook Live Producer, you should see options on the left side panel which determines things like where the event will occur. Your personal timeline, pages and groups you have admin/publishing rights to will be selectable here. The location you choose will be where you can expect to see the live stream occur. Please see my screenshot:

The 1-3 seconds delay after the “one touch” button is pressed is expected, and would simply be the time it takes for the Pearl to authenticate the streaming information being provided to it. If you’re referring to the RTMP delay (live vs. stream) you can expect anywhere from a 5-45 second delay over this connection. This would be the same for any streaming device on the market using RTMP/RTMPS.

Happy to help with any further questions!