Video jitter at 1920X1080


Just purchased an HD and connected it to a 1920X1080 @60 RGB VGA source. When using a standard 23" monitor to view the source, the display is perfectly clear and stable. When using the HD conncted to the source with the USB 3.0 connected to an iMac running QuickTime, the display is unstable and “jitters” particularly from midway to the right side of the QuickTime display. This occurs on two different Macs and other video sourceing software. If I reduce the resolution of the source to 1280X1024@60, or 1440X900@60, the jitter disappears and the display is about as clear as when the source is directly conncted to a monitor.

For the price paid, I would expect no such issues. Anyone else have this experience?

I have screen shots, but they are not accepted by your system.



Sorry hear you are having an issue with the HD.
This is not something we typically see with this device, most customers are using a 1080 signal with the
It could be a number of possible issues, from odd signal timings on the source, to software.
If you could send the screen shots to us in an email,, we are happy to to take a look.
Out of curiosity, does this happen in other software as well? Or only in QT?