VGA2USB LR resolution change


Hi there,

Not sure if these devices are still supported by Epiphan but I thought it worth me asking the question.

I bought a VGA2USB LR capture device brand new from eBay this week, so far I can only get it to output at either 800x600 or 1024x768 which is a little frustrating. There seems to be very little documentation about this device other than the generic user guide, I’d like it to display at least 1280x1024 if possible as some programs don’t scale to resolutions that low anymore.

I’ve tried going through the capture settings and the options in the Epiphan capture tool but when I close the settings window and open it back up, nothing I’ve changed has saved. I’ve also tried opening the capture device in VLC with manual settings for resolution but I always get ‘The capture device “VGA2USB LR V4U120343” does not support the required parameters.’ (that’s trying any resolution including the definitely working 1024x768).

If anyone could help me out with this I’d greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:



Happy to help here if I can, though I should start by mentioning that the VGA2USB LR was discontinued several years ago.

The VGA2USB LR does indeed have a maximum capture resolution of 1280x1024, however it will always capture at the native incoming signal resolution. So if the VGA signal is 800x600 coming from your source you will capture at 800x600. If you want to capture at 1280x1024 you will have to set the source to output 1280x1024.