USB Camera + USB Audio



I know to connect the USB camera, you have to use the port next to the HDMI in, is that correct? And also, if you are using the USB camera AND the USB audio function, can you pull audio through a separate USB port? I want to plug in my Logitech C920 and also a USB Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Aux Stereo to run sound from my mixer. Any thoughts?


Unfortunately no. Only the USB beside the HDMI input can be utilized for capture


Thanks for the response!


USB Camera + USB Audio,
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So just to clarify. sorry if you answered this but this question might be slightly different.

I am using the USB audio through a separate devise and it is working fine through a port on the back of the Webcaster X2.

When I add a USB camera, however, (which im actually using to display my computer screen instead of a second camera) The audio no longer comes through.

Does the Webcaster only allow you to use the audio through the USB that is being used for a second camera, and cut the audio from the other USB device that works fine when I don’t have the USB camera plugged?


Correct, unfortunately the Webcaster X2 is only able to make use of a single USB input.