Stutter when when recording & during playback 1080p /2160p PS4 Pro


I’ve been using the 4K for some time and something has seemingly gotten worse with my 4K videos especially when recording and then the playback (I can see it happening in the preview window). Every so often it will stutter as if the fps reduces, then corrects itself before happening again. It’s sporadic basically. No other processes are running at the time on my PC. I typically use OBS or Windows10 Camera App and the same occurs regardless of the resolution - 1080p or 2160p.

My CPU is i9 9900K GPU RTX 2080 Ti. I am running windows 10 64bit. Everything is always kept up to date.

Watch this video here and you’ll see throughout many moments where it dips fps/stutters etc. It’s not the video playback as it happens even if not recording I can see in the preview the stutter. It’s not the game because the game runs fine when playing normally.

Any solutions please?


Thank you for the sample in the video of your issue. There are a few possibilities to consider that could be taking place that would require further troubleshooting.

While it is possible it could be something with the 4K, it’s also possible that it could be something settings related or environmental to the device such as:
USB Bandwidth related
Power Related
Temperature related
PS4 settings related
Device firmware related.

As this does require a little more extensive troubleshooting, please send us an email at so that we can navigate through the more detailed and extensive steps


Ok thanks I will send an email.