Streaming Help Please


Looking for technical help with a streaming issue. I’m hoping you folks might be able to help.
We’re using the HDMI output of our Newtek Tricaster 860 to feed an Epiphan Avio 4k plugged into
a separate streaming computer. The computer is an HP Zbook laptop and they’re using Microsoft
Expressions as the streaming software.

There are horrible audio problems where the audio buffers to great extent and then drops out completely.
The video seems to be in tact. Well the company we’re sending our Tricaster HDMI feed to always points to us and our Tricaster, but the HDMI feed is clean.

Is there any help you might be able to provide? It has to be either the Epiphan or their HP laptop, or streaming software.

Thanks so much for any advice you might be able give.



Hi Steve,

The issue could be a few possibilities. In some of our early firmware versions with 4K, under certain applications or use cases there were audio glitches. These issues were resolved in 3.3 firmware and up.

Have you updated the firmware on the 4K to the latest 4.0.0 firmware? If you haven’t, then I would recommend to start there:

What operating system is being utilized on the streaming computer?

Have you tested any other software applications to verify that it might not be the current Microsoft Expressions application causing the issue?


They are using Windows 10 currently. Not sure what firmware

they’re at.

Our Tricaster that’s giving them the HDMI feed is Windows 7, but since it’s merely

a feeding them the HDMI stream that shouldn’t matter?

Steve Ross


Hi Steve,

It appears you already have a ticket open with technical support regarding this issue, they will be able to provide further troubleshooting with you.