Stream to Microsoft Stream




Does the Pearl (not Pearl 2) support Microsoft Stream? Can I copy the Server ingest URL to the Pearl and ready to livestream?

What kind of firewall ports need to be open? Am I right with these ports

Are there any other infrastructure settings mandatory?


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If Microsoft Stream can provide a streaming URL and stream key utilizing RTMP Push or RTSP protocols then it is certainly possible to stream to Microsoft stream with Pearl, Pearl Mini or Pearl-2.

Standard streaming ports for RTMP are ports 80 and 1935


I know Pearl2 works with Stream. I just did lots of testing with it.
You take the RTMP or RTMPS injest URL and create an RTMP push with it.


Thanks! I will test it with the RTMP or RTMPS injest url


To start live streaming on Microsoft Stream, you need an encoder. An encoder captures audio and video from various sources such as camera, microphone, desktop screen capture etc., and sends it to Microsoft Stream for live streaming to all your audience.

To learn about how to set up a live event in Microsoft Stream, see Creating live events.