SDK v2u_csharp example doesnt run on .NET framework 4


I was using visual studio10 and the sample from SDK v2u_csharp was running just fine. Now I had to upgrade to VS17 and when I try to open the solution, it first converts the files for VS17 compatability. However it doesnt run giving an error ‘DLLNotFoundException’ indicating that frmgrab.dll could not be found. I havent changed a single thing in the solution, should be able to find the dll but I dont think this is about finding a dll. It may be related to 32, 64 bit issue. Any help is appreciated.


The problem is that when I run DependencyWalker over frmgrab.dll, it shows that the dll’s dependencies are all 32bits (this is the dll I found in x64 folder). I need to compile frmgrab.dll as 64bit so that my other 64bit dlls can work with this in the same application, else I am stuck