Record glitches


I’ve noticed on a couple records now that there will be an occasional glitch that shows up in playback. I’m not using any interlaced sources, all progressive. In the past I wasn’t too worried as I would run it through Adobe Premiere and export it back out and they seem to go away.’

However tonight, I had to pre record some talent to play back directly into our broadcast and so now I’m stuck with a glitch in the video, which is being re-recorded again with the master of the entire show, so its going to cause me at the least a lot of work to fix.

Any ideas what is going on…? I’ve got a PGM mix output coming from Vmix into my Pearl 2 via HDMI, cpu overhead is like 7%, just using the pearl 2 to record an stream to YouTube, so its not even doing much.

Here’s the recorder settings.

Thanks for any help…!

Jason Vaughan


Sorry to see you’re running into artifact issues. As this will be a more involved troubleshooting process, please reach out to us at with

  • screenshot/sample video of the issue,
  • a brief description of the problem,
  • the serial number of your device,
  • the firmware version installed on your unit,
  • the signal flow from source to Pearl-2. If there are adapters, splitters, switchers, distribution amplifiers or anything else in between, please list them by name and model number.
  • Please also navigate to the maintenance page and download the permanent logs for the unit, and let us know the date and approximate time that this encoding artifact occurred.

If you have not already done so, please also try swapping video cables to ensure it’s not a bad cable connection.