Program for lyrics projection through text variables



Not quite a year ago, right when we started using our Pearl Mini, we wanted to put lyrics into our service streams. Since we’d bought a Mini, we couldn’t do chroma keying, so if we continued using our software of choice for projection, EasyWorship, we’d end up with a solid colour background behind the words. We’d also lose one of our video inputs. Not ideal.

Thankfully, the Pearls have custom system variables for text fields. After a solid weekend of throwing Javascript at the wall to see what stuck, I had a program I called PearlProjector that could solve both problems for us. It hasn’t failed us since, so I’m sharing it for anyone that may find themselves in a similar situation to where we found ourselves. The output looks like this:

It is available here. Feel free to change whatever you need to make it work. You need to log in as “admin” when prompted, as no other Pearl user has permission to change text variables.


Thanks for sharing this and documenting it so well. Happy to see that the text variables are being well used here! Hopefully other customers will find this useful as well!