Pearl versus Pearl 2



Hello, friends :slight_smile:

My company happily owns a Pearl-1 which has seen a lot of use and we’re very pleased with it’s value.

We’re considering purchasing another and i’d like the community’s input on the improvements of the Pearl 2 vs its predecessor from a more technical standpoint so i can better present my case to the management :slight_smile:

And as a first time poster, i want to congratulate Epiphan Systems for this little box that has saved so many gigs and to this community for all the knowledge shared.



I know you asked for community feedback, but I will start giving some technical support feedback :slight_smile:

The Pearl-2 is primarily different in input/output ports, as well as processor improvements. Video inputs are now 4x HDMI (two of which can be 4k compatible) and 2x SDI (which can optionally be 4k compatible). Audio can be from any of these HDMI or SDI ports, as well as two sets of analog audio inputs which can be balanced/unbalanced XLR/TRS. The analog-B input can also optionally be RCA audio input instead.

Outputs are now 2x HDMI instead of the 2x mini displayport outputs on the Pearl.

The processor improvement means the unit can handle more channels. For example when doing 1080p30 this goes from 4 channels possible on the Pearl to 6 on the Pearl2. It also allows for 4k to be a possibility if you opt for the 4k add on, then the limit would be a single channel of 4k at 30fps. In addition the processor improvements mean we can include chroma keying / green screen functionality!

Other difference worth mentioning here is that the storage has changed from a 1tb harddrive in the Pearl to a 512gb ssd in the Pearl2. Both for performance and reliability.