Pearl Mini not streaming to Twitter/Periscope after the last firmware update



Today I have used Pearl Mini after installing the latest firmware update.

For the first time, the streaming to Periscope / Twitter did not work. Periscope / Twitter backoffice seems to detect the signal coming from Pearl Mini but there is no picture or sound. I went through and tested all the encoding options from Pearl Mini that Twitter / Periscope accepts and it never worked.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it possible that the latest firmware update made the streaming to Periscope / Twitter impossible?

Can someone help me with this issue?.

Thank you very much.



There is another forum post here outlining the issue.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the 4.12 firmware but it has been identified and the fix will be in the 4.13 firmware release. In the mean time the only work around is to utilize the 4.11 firmware. If you would like the previous firmware version you can send us an email to

I apologize for the inconvenience


Thank you very much.

I will send you guys an email asking to revert to the previous firmware version.