PEARL "Auto-Shutdown" feature missing


We are currently using a PEARL2 to record lectures directly in the lecture hall (media cabinet). However, CMS integration is not required here.

Our lecturers always use the PEARL2 independently, but cannot currently switch it off after a lecture recording has ended, as otherwise the subsequent AFU process cannot be completed. As a result, the PEARL2 always remains switched on for a long time, although it is then no longer required.

Currently, a PEARL2 remote can only be switched off manually (via web UI), our lecturers generally do not have access to the PEARL2 web UI and/or do not want to deal with it.

The following is therefore missing:

  • An auto shutdown function or option for at a specific time (e.g. “Evening at 8:00 p.m.”).

  • A selectable shutdown function after the end of the recording and after the completed AFU process

(Dialog in the launcher, STOP RECORDING -> “Shut down after AFU completed (Y / N)?)”

Unfortunately this webpage has not solution for this:

Best Regards,
Ilja Kaleck
University of Appplied Sciences,
Wedel, Germnay