PC/Mac specs for capture?


I’m putting together a 4K streaming kit for some local group to use as part of a Mozilla Gigibit City grant project. We are looking at the AV.io 4K as an encoding solution and are wondering what spaces we’ll need on the laptop. I’ve spec’d out Surface Books and Mac Books where we plan to run OBS. Our hope is to post 4K streams to youtube while on the wired gigibit network. If I’m offloading the encoding to the AV.io hoe much processing do I need on the PC side to run OBS. I’m going to error on the side of getting a $2K laptop with 16 GB of RAM, but if you think that’s overkill, please let me know.


If you’re looking to capture UHD/4K video content with OBS to either record or stream you will very likely need the most recent iteration of i7 processor chip. The faster and more powerful the processor the better your results will be. Any higher-end i7 will have more than adequate RAM to assist you with the capture.

When considering a Surface Book, it is important to note that some customers have reported that the AV.io may not receive enough power over USB. The utilization of power is very important for functionality, so when considering any notebook/laptop format you will need to ensure that the AC power adapter is connected. Some customers were also able to resolve power issues by utilizing a USB 3.0 powered hub between the AV.io and the capture system.

We would also recommend ensuring that your power settings be set to their highest performance settings.