Output from late 2011 MacBook Pro shuts down Webcaster x2


I am using a simple 2 in 1 out HDMI switch. The 2 inputs are camera and laptop. I run video from a camera just fine and when I want to do a video from the laptop on my feed I hit the switcher to select the HDMI coming from my laptop. At this point it says the audio is at an unsupported MHZ rating and the stream no longer works.

If I use a windows computer for the second HDMI stream all is fine, but the webmaster x2 messes up with the HDMI coming from the MAC. Any suggestions


Do you know what kind of HDMI output your MacBook Pro is putting out? AFAIK, Webcaster X2 supports HDMI input signals of 720p (1280×720) and 1080p (1920×1080), progressive signals only. Interlaced signals (e.g. 720i and 1080i) are not supported.



The webmaster displays the image and sound from my MacBook just fine. It also displays the signal from my Canon XA20 just fine. Here is the problem, when I add a HDMI switch to the mix I can go from the camera feed and switch to the Mac feed just fine, when I switch back the webmaster says no signal and displays the following…“Actual audio sample rate 5.45Hz mismatched with expected (44100Hz or 48000Hz). Check your HDMI audio settings.”
The kicker is if I connect my Lenovo laptop (windows10) and send the HDMI signal to the same switch as the Mac the whole system switches back and forth fine with the Canon XA20. Any ideas?? I like to use the MacBook because I can add photo slideshows to my broadcast easier and faster than PC.


So it is only when you add the switcher in that the issues start up? This could be HDCP or EDID related. If the switcher has any settings for HDCP these should be turned off, and if it has any options for EDID it should be set to use the EDID from the Webcaster.


I suspect the problem is that you drop frames when you switch using an inexpensive HDMI switch.


One more thing. Blackmagic Design is now selling a “mini Switcher” that is excellent and will switch approrpriately without dropping frames.