None of the USB ports are working on Webcaster X2




I’m unable to get any of the USB ports on the Webcaster to work. I’ve tried 3 different mouses (two with cords and one wireless mouse) and not a single one will work, along with keyboards. Has anyone else seen this and do you have a workaround?


When holding down the “Recovery” button I get the following.


You haven’t been able to connect any USB mice or keyboards? Are these just generic wired keyboards/mice for example from Microsoft or Logitech?

You shouldn’t need to use the recovery button. You can perform factory resets under the Settings _> Backup and Reset menu within the Webcaster X2 itself if this is what you are looking to try.


How do I perform factory reset if I’m unable to get a mouse or keyboard to work? Also, thank you for responding.


A factory reset would require a keyboard or mouse to be working. Can you let me know what specific makes and models of mice/keyboards you have connected that are not working?


I’ve tried Microsoft keyboards and mouses, along with Apple keyboards and mouses of different types. These use to work until a week ago. Nothing works in USB ports that worked before. It’s almost like they have been disabled.


Ah ok, sorry to hear this. The unit would have to be returned for repair then. If you purchased from a third party you should contact this reseller to process the RMA through. If you purchased from us directly you can file an RMA request here:


Thank you for replying. I’ve tried doing an RMA with the reseller on Amazon (Quantum Networks) but they rejected my request. I guess at this point I need to know if I can get it repaired or am I stuck with a broken unit?


Ah sorry to hear that the reseller cannot help here. As long as it is within the 1 year warranty period you can file an RMA with us directly here: