Multi-track streaming



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I have two Pearl Minis each sitting in one conference room. Two video channels are handled. I now want to send one multi-track stream from one room to the other. The viewers in the second shall pick which video they want to view. Audio is always the same (only one track). The setup is very similar to the one advertised here:

Please note that this question is not about multiple streams (as in this question) or multi-encoding one video track to multiple target resolutions.

I know streaming multi-track video is possible with MPEG-TS over SRT, which is (according to the tech specs) supported by the Pearl Mini. However, I cannot find multi-track streaming options anywhere. The user manual mentions multi-track video only in regard to recording. Am I looking in the wrong places or is multi-track video streaming not actually supported by the Pearl Mini?

Sending two individual streams is not an option as I need to keep all three tracks in sync.

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Unfortunately “multi-track streaming” is not possible with Pearl. You can create a “Recorder” which is a multi-track recorder file that encompasses the multiple independent encoded channels, however streaming can only happen independently from each channel.

You could send two individual streams to similar destinations and use the one-touch solution on the touchscreen to start/stop all independent channels simultaneously, however this does not guarantee they will stay in sync depending on the network, buffering, etc.


Thank you for the quick and accurate reply. It is indeed unfortunate this is not possible with Pearl at the moment. Looks like I will stick to one video track for now.