Lower bitrate when switching layout



Why is it that when I switch layouts on my Mini the bitrate and framerate to the stream platform reduces to about 50% for some time then goes up again?

In this case I was streaming to Vimeo at 9000kb/s 50f/s.
When I switch layout on the Mini it went down to about 4500kb/s 25f/s.
The after a minute or so it went up to original stream settings.


I’m sorry to see that you’re having issues with your Pearl Mini. Under normal circumstances this should not occur. The behavior from Mini would usually hint towards a system resources related issue. It’s possible your Pearl Mini may be over configured or there may be something else happening in the background. I would recommend sending us an email to info@epiphan.com with screenshots of the configuration in the Web UI for channels, as well as a configuration preset without system, network and Epiphan Cloud settings saved, and the permanent logs for your unit so that we can investigate the behavior as they occurred.

To create a configuration preset, navigate to the Maintenance page, scrool down to the configuration preset section and uncheck system, network and Epiphan cloud, provide a name to your preset and save it. It will appear in your list of presets above. You can then download the configuration to your computer and include it within your email.

to save permanent logs, at the top of the maintenance page you’ll find a checkbox for “permanent logs” which will hopefully be enabled, and a link that says “download permanent log.” This will download a zipped folder to your computer which you can also include in your email to info@epiphan.com