Looking at upgrading to Pearl mini


Good morning,

I am looking at upgrading from the Webcaster x2 to the Pearl mini. However, currently we have our sound board and main camera feeding into a Roland AV Mixer VR-3EX then out to our Webcaster x2.

The question I have is that our other 3 cameras are from Kingdom.com they are Sony 1080 PTZ cameras. Which these all plug into our Roland Av mixer via component / composite cables.

I know on the Pearl mini and Pearl -2 we do not have those types of connections.

So could I still have my sound board and cameras running through the Roland AV mixer and then out to the Pearl mini / pearl -2 and get good quality live streaming video?

I know each device with have its own compression to the live streams. So looking for advice before buying the Pearl mini or Pearl 2


It is true that the Pearl 2 and Pearl Mini do not have component or composite video capture capability. But you could certainly capture the same HDMI output of the Mixer that you are using with the Webcaster X2 currently.