Latency for 4K and HD


What are the latency specs for 4K and HD. The former mentions ultra low latency in its product description page but the latter doesn’t?

We are dealing with a tight latency budget for 1080p30fps HDMI capture, so would be great to get actual #s for both so we can purchase the right product for our use.

Thanks in advance.



The hardware latency of the series is approximately 2 frames. Typically that’s somewhere in the ballpark of 66ms. The software you’re using and even the display you’re connected to will also increase the potential latency.



Is that statement true for both 4k as well as HD?



Yes it’s the same, though there will be minor variations in recorded latency unless you have a very sophisticated setup for testing such things.


One last question - Will the latency at the adapter increase if we capture at a downsampled rate (e.g., source is transmitting at 1080p60fps and we capture at 1080p30fps via 4K or HD ) to allow for real-time processing by our application.



Once the data has left the any extra latency incurred is a direct result of your unique system setup and capture software. Capturing at a different frame rate than the source won’t affect the latency of the Basically there is a 2 frame hardware buffer and after that the sends data as fast as it can. There should however be a reduction in latency from using a 60fps source as opposed to a 30fps source.